Hello everybody! I know I didn't write anything for a while but here I am! I am not dead(even if I look dead 'cause I have stayed in bed for the last 4 days with a bad flu due a 3-hour-party. What an animal party.).
Something happened anyway during the last about 6 weeks, I have been working as an au pair for like a month in one of the sunniest Spanish city, Almeria! If you don't know what is an au pair, it is basically a nanny who lives with the family of the kids but this kind of job can be done only outside your homeland (a great excuse to travel).
So here I am, in Spain, taking care of two active children, too active for my sore muscles and my not-so-patient attitude but hey, the food is super good, the weather is incredibly warm, I have a new active lifestyle, I have also some night-lifestyle(even if right now I really regret it), Zara and Pull&Bear' clothes are cheaper and so... life is good!
The decision of becoming an au pair has been quick and, actually, a bit reckless. I saw on Facebook that a girl of my highschool was in Germany as a nanny and so I decided to try it too. Yes, that quickly, I didn't waste much time thinking about it actually, which is kinda strange but, whatever, or now or never!
This experience is almost over and I don't know if I am glad or not: in one hand the kids are really annoying and they have been rude with me most of the time but, in the other hand, I met such 2 cute friends, they are really lovely and I am happy to spend time with them and share nice memories!
I still don't know what I will do after Christmas holidays but I guess you will discover it only by reading my blog!

Have a lovely day ❤


Let's be real, at least once you didn't go out just to stay at home, in pyjamas, and have a movie marathon. Well, my friends, I did it more than once and I finally mastered this art and found the best night rountine - chilled version.


You might, or might not, have perceive my absence but this time I have a good reason. Yep, I am not lying, I haven't been just sitting on my couch at home, at least not every day. But let's go back to the track... I wasn't here on the blog because I was on holiday again, yay!!!

This time my mother and I opted for a nearer option and we decided to hop on a bus and reach Slovenia and, more precisely, Ljubljana and down below there are the main reason why you should give a try to this small city.


I don't know about you, but culinary shows are a must in my house. Every evening we watch different kind of shows, but one of my favourites is Bake Off UK. It is a great source for new ideas and, you know cakes are super appealing to watch!

If you have ever seen any Mary Berry's recipe, you will know that they always seems a bit difficult to reproduce, but not the Cherry Cake.
 Here it is the recipe:


80 gr of dried quinoa 
1 egg 
1 carrot
1 big potato or 2-3 small ones
40gr of breadcrumbs
50gr of grated Parmesan cheese or any hard cheese
a teaspoon of soy sauce
a sprinkle of salt
some curry powder 
some spicy paprika
a dash of plant oil to pan-fry
some lemon slices, to garnish 
You may need: a dash of milk or more breadcrumbs


Hey, I've come back to write my last holiday-related post! On the previous post I rambled about the beauty of Sao Miguel, but this time I am going to write a little about Lisbon and Porto, both cities located in Portugal.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it is a quite big city located almost in the middle of Portugal. It is famous for its tiles, also called azulejos in portuguese, it is known for the Tram 28 and the Fado, a typical melodical music which can still be heard in Alfama area. Oh, and do not forget Fernando Pessoa, a poet who spent almost his entire life in Lisbon, wandering through the streets of Chiado and Barrio Alto districts and spending his evenings at Cafe A Brasileira.
While you are in Lisbon, you have to give a try to local food and taste Ginjinha(Ginja), a liqueur made of sour cherries, served in a chocolate cup, and some Pasteis do Nata. You will thanks me later cause they are super good!
Of course during my trip I shot some photos so... let's see them:


Hi there! I'm happy to see you here again to read my little adventure.
Previously on "Child of the Oceans":  on the last post I wrote about Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, then indeed I left for Porto, a picturesque city in Portugal, and the day after my mother and I took a plane for a small island in the middle of the ocean, Sao Miguel!

I only visited Sao Miguel, which is the biggest island of the archipelago of Azores, but I bet that the feeling is the same in every island, don't you know what I am rambling about? I am talking about an uncommon sensation for urban people, the sensation of fresh and pure air, satured with oxygen and low-polluted. Jeez, it is something really pleasant to breath!

Going back to the subject, Sao Miguel is an amazing place, it is still quite unknow, so most of the places are almost desolated. It is amazing being able to sit in a silent place!
Enjoy the photos. :)


Hello there, it is nice to see you here! As you can tell this is my first official post and I want to share with you my last adventure: a trip around Spain and Portugal for a total of 6 planes, 2 trains, 20h spent in airports, 4 hotels, 2 flats, many hours of walking, a fall on a knee, moments where we were pissed off and moments where we were really enjoying ourselves.
This is my journey and this is the first post about it.

Santiago de Compostela


 Hello there, I'm happy to see you here! Well, let's skip pleasantries, it is time to introduce myself:

My name is Veronica, I'm a 19 years old mess, I mean girl, and I am still trying to figure out what to do in my life. In the meanwhile I'm spending my days being a lazy being, a breadstick&cheese consumer (it is my favourite combo, I eat it every day), a CSI Miami rerun/repeat watcher, a Tumblr user and unluckily(for you) a complainer, yes, I like complaining every now and then about how quick my tan is disappearing.