Carnival festivities are always a good chance to dress up in a cool way and stroll around big cities.
Also this year I spent it in Venice, just having a normal stroll with my best friend, no funny clothes, no weird photos, just a walk to enjoy sunshine and eat food, as always.

Carnival in Venice is pretty busy, streets are really narrow, it is hard to walk freely but the sight of the clothes is stunning, people seem to spend a lot of effort in sewing their costumes, they are just too lovely to see.



I can't help but, as you may have noticed, I like to cook, the only "problem" is that is impossible for me to follow a line, one day I may post a salad and the day after I post a four-layer chocolate cake.
My life in general pretty much follows this mantra and I like to call it balance, a magic word to me which seems to justify my choices in life.

Can't help but I also like to ramble.

Let's talk about this delicious cake!
It is really quick to do, but for real this time, you won't spend more than 10 minutes for picking the ingredients and making the mixture + 12 minutes for baking in the oven, literally nothing!

Fact: it's not very Instagramable due to the melting ice cream, a torture for me. But who cares about photos when you have a cake?!?